Drain Surveys

A drain survey involves a visual inspection of the pipe for condition assessment, fault detection and location, and quality of workmanship during the installation process. CCTV (closed circuit television) inspections are carried out by either pushing a camera along the pipeline, or by using a motorised tractor unit with a mounted pan and tilt head camera, to video and identify problems.

Insight 's CCTV operations use the very latest camera equipment for all their drain surveys. The company has advanced the use of the technology and includes the latest Ibak systems to allow immediate data transference to the client.


Drain surveys are used in:

  • Building consents
  • Property pre-purchase surveys
  • Stormwater and sewer pipeline location
  • Pipeline condition assessments
  • Blockages - cause and remedy
  • Council and/or property development of subdivisions/sign off for drainage